Fields of Law

International humanitarian law and human rights.
-  Representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
-  Representation before the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – OHCHR.

Criminal law. The defense of the accused. Representing the plaintiffs. The defense of juveniles and juvenile delinquency.

Corporate management
- Basic principles of doing business,
- Understanding the essence corporate management and the ability to apply of these modern techniques and methods in business
- Management of corporate finance and financial strategy formulation,
- Business decision making with information support,
- Management of investment decisions
- Interpretation of changes of regulations

•  Corporate Law, Establishment, organization and mergers, leasing, franchising, legal succession between the companies and corporations, corporate governance, structuring, establishment of various forms of companies, division, merger, takeover, alignment and repair, due dilligence, all disputes in corporate law, bankruptcy, liquidation.

•   International banking business. Investment banking. Cooperation with well known Swiss investment banks.

•     Taxation and tax procedure

•     Civil law - property law, contract law (contracts, damages) debt collection, inheritance law.

•     Execution procedure and debt collection.


•      Entertainment and media law

•    Labor law, labor disputes, disciplinary liability, compensation, labor relations, preparation of working-legal documents (contracts and rules, collective agreements, resolution of redundancy, social program).

•    Administrative law, administrative procedure and administrative dispute.Release from Serbian citizenship.

•     Land Registry Law.

•     Law of torts.

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